About Us

Ecotech seek to make every project a truly a amazing experience with best in class workmanship. A professional and practical Interior design company.
Making a home starts with a comfortable and safe dealing. Building trust in comfortable environment is our moto in every project.
Quality , matters a lot when it comes to build a dream home, our sourcing is strong and we always use best in class material. Lets meet, lets share a coffee together and make it a great start to build your dream home with Ecotech Group.

Ecotech Team
Ecotech Group is founded by Rajesh And Jagbeer , two young and dynamic entrepreneurs having Conglomerate experience of various fields of Domestic and International sales with companies like Alibaba, Allbiz and Google , Both of them Launched Ecotech group with great energy and spirit of building relationship with every client ones and for ever.

Jagbeer Singh

Rajesh Rathee

Mission @ Ecotech Interiors

Our mission is to create reward experience and value that combine functionality with high quality and innovation for our customers. We want every partner and client experience to be the talk of a life time. Also, to define the most sophisticated and superior standard of quality in every exterior and interior designs.

Vision @ Ecotech Interiors

Our vision is to be a reputable, sustainable, and desirable premier luxurious interior design firm of the global market place providing the state-of-the-art innovative designs and superior quality finishing. We will continue to leverage on our many years of professional experience to consistently deliver exclusive design services that bring a complete satisfaction of our partners and clients requirements. This vision has been the core of our history and cultural value of design which is still the master key for our prospects.

Ecotech Offer sophisticated, durable designs

• Exclusive design and feel of our classic custom interior designs
• Create well-designed exteriors and interiors that are built with superior quality materials to last a long time.
• Create master -piece and incorporate unique features that the client cannot get from the competition.
• Our creativity and seamless service lead, that is why we don‘t compete on the market in price.

Operate with integrity

• Honest and transparent processes from start to finish.
• Committed to providing the best of the best of designs.
• Viewed as a high profile reputable corporation.
• We deliver our promise.

Material & Hardware Partners

Ecotech Interiors Choose best quality materials for their projects & designs