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Living Room Decorating Ideas & Designs

The place where we all gather, laugh and play is undoubtedly the living room. The focal point of a home, its place between kitchen and bedroom acts as a natural center, drawing guests from morning wake-ups to after-work nights in. These fifty modern living rooms show stretch in a variety of substrates and styles. Centre modern furniture around a cubic rug. Forge a concrete paradise with living walls astride couches. Go futuristic, with colourfull clocks that shine metallic. Design your lounge creatively, using these fifty modern living rooms as examples.

If you want to learn about someone’s design aesthetic, look no further than their living room. As one of the most-frequented spots in the home—to be rivaled only by the kitchen—a living room sets the tone for the rest of the house. And while some might think of it as just a “cozy corner,” the living room is also a great place to experiment with bold color palettes, cool rugs, and a variety of illuminating light fixtures. (Or, for another way to shake up your space, spring for a new sofa or armchair.)

The only problem? There are so many ways for you to decorate this communal space. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, we at Ecotech Interiors have combed through our latest home tours and are highlighting the very best living rooms for you here. These luxury living room ideas also prove that careful planning and a commitment to creativity can go a long way.

Livingroom Designs & Ideas

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